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GamesBoard Cup v3 (sticky) written by sonNy4, 2012-05-08 15:29 CEST (0 comments)

Tourney Details

Date: TBA
Game: Enemy Territory
Format: 6on6 // one day cup

1st round: sw_goldrush_te
2nd round: supply
3rd round: adlernest
4th round: radar
Grand Final: Each team picks one map.

Teams: 8/16/32
Groups: No Group Phase
Brackets: Single Elimination
Final match will be played on ETTV.
Match for 3rd place can be played if both semi-final losers will agree.

Check In: 18.45
Brackets: 19.00
Start: 19.00

Contact & more info:

Maps written by sonNy4, 2011-07-24 19:56 CEST (2 comments)

1st round: supply
2nd round: sw_goldrush_te
3rd round: adlernest
4th round: radar

Same goes for loser bracket if there will be any (more info in previous posts, in rules and on crossfire cup page).

All teams that are going to participated remember to CHECK-IN before cup starts, otherwise you won't play.

Remember to idle on #gamesboard 30 minutes before cup starts.

GB Speedcup written by sonNy4, 2011-07-20 23:05 CEST (9 comments)

We are also making 1vs1 speedcup so if you are intrested feel free to sign-up!
Usefull links:
http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=cups&mode=item&id=129 [crossfire.nu]
http://gbspeedcup.tourney.cc/ [gbspeedcup.tourney.cc]

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